The Proposal

My OH was a little excited about proposing and couldn’t wait till his planned date, which was while we were on holiday at the end of July, so he popped the question almost as soon as he had the ring!

Picture the scene – I’m sitting in my chaotic living room, surrounded by baby toys and still wearing my pyjamas. He pokes his head round the living room door to see what I’m doing (playing clash royale on my phone) and asks me to put it down and close my eyes.
Upon opening my eyes again, he is kneeling in front of me offering up a huge slab of cake – rainbow layers with multi coloured stars – with a diamond ring nestled on top.13434855_10154381031384180_6851143851735458909_n

My response (as he has reminded me several times since) was “Ohhhh cake! “Ohhhhh shiny!” “Ohhh very shiny!” And he had to wait patiently for me to shut up so he could actually ask me!!

I don’t think I actually said yes, just grinned from ear to ear and kissed him, but, fortunately, he got the message.

This may not sound like the ultimate proposal, but for me, it was perfect – I hate big dramatic scenes and he knows it!


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