Because planning a wedding isn’t complicated enough, I have a couple of issues that mean that it’s not going to be as simple as I’d like.

Firstly, I’m a plus size bride – not the end of the world – many of us are.
Secondly, I’m allergic to Nickle – again, not a huge deal, except for picking rings and any accessories.
Thirdly, and this is the fun one, I’m allergic to MI, which is a preservative used in everything from material treatment (wedding dresses and table cloths included) to air conditioning, to make up. (Look it up, full name¬†methylisothiazolinone, it’s in everything!)

This means that I’m unlikely to be able to buy a dress, unless I can stick it in the washing machine (dry cleaners use MI too), I will need to request any table cloths/bedding is washed in a certain way and will have to have a winter wedding so I’m not blasted with air con if inside (outside weddings in the uk are a gamble, even in summer).
Oh and I can’t hug my guests unless I’m well covered or they have used my washing liquid!


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