I have 2 years to plan and save for this wedding, it seems like forever and yet I know it will fly by and that I’ll be stressed and rushing around by the time it’s here. I’m 5 days in and have bombarded my brain with images of flowers and cakes, tv programs on dresses and brochures for venues and, while I’m slowly seeing my wedding emerge, I’m still no wiser!

I’m hoping that by writing it all down and adding photos of things I like, I’ll be able to sort through the jumble and come out with my perfect wedding – at a price that isn’t more than a house deposit, because that’s the important bit… that I can afford it!

So far I have requested brochures from around 20 local venues, with the intention of increasing that number a little at a time. I will weed out the ones that are silly prices or that don’t do a full wedding package (I’d like to be married at the same place my reception is) or that can’t do the dates I’m thinking of (One I’ve seen only does summer holiday weddings).
The plan is, that once I have narrowed it down enough, I can call them for quotes on what I want (things like skipping the wedding breakfast because I don’t want one) and I will have a better idea of how much I need to save up. I suppose a visit to each place after that would be a good plan… Don’t want to get married in a dump no matter how cheap it is!

I could totally waffle on for hours about this, but that’s a boring read! I guess I will break everything down for easier searching, both for anyone reading this and for myself.


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