Planning – Hats

Today I took Frazzled Mother of the Frazzled Bride hat shopping. We weren’t buying, just looking because, well, it’s 2 years away and because buying a hat when you’re not a hat person is HARD!

So many styles and colours to pick from even when you have an idea of what colour theme you’re going for! How do you know which suits you unless you try it on, check it out in the mirror AND take pictures to look at later?

Frazzled Mother kindly said I could upload the pics here to share with you all



You can see from a mile off which ones she likes and which ones she thinks make her look like Disney’s Hades (Yes that blue feathery job in the middle!) and some we loved until we saw the price tag!
The lovely purple one with the flowers (bottom middle photos) looked amazing, but at £179, I think we’ll give it a miss…..

My personal favourite is the huge purple one in the bottom right corner, its the right colour, it looks great and it was a reasonable price*, but she insists it’s too big and bold for a civil ceremony and will probably go with something like the pink in the bottom left/middle left. What’s so wrong with big and bold?

Oh well, plenty of time left to convince her!!


* When I say reasonable, it was still “wedding” price at £79

2 thoughts on “Planning – Hats

  1. Bright pink bottom left..not the lighter pink middle left which drowns her lovely face! But to be fair the purple bottom right is perfect..sorry! x


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