Planning -Bridal Party

I have my heart set on having 5 bridesmaids – I haven’t asked them yet though, I want to make sure I can afford so many before I make a commitment. From what I understand, I can ask them to buy their own dress, or they may offer, but I really dislike that idea. They are getting a dress in a colour I want, in a style I want (I like the idea of them matching) and while they might love it and may wear it again, they are basically getting it for me, so I’d prefer to be footing the bill… even if it means having less bridesmaids than I’d like.

I think the best solution to this is to take advantage of Frazzled Mother, who has kindly offered to make not only 5 bridesmaid dresses, but my dress as well. It’s an offer she may well regret, but I know that she has experience in bridal ware and I know that they will look amazing!
I will relax my control freak nature enough to let them get their own shoes….. probably….

The pageboys, however, are easier. I only want 2 and you can pick up super cute suits at really good prices. I saw a 3 piece suit with shirt and tie in BHS the other day for £35!
Not that BHS will do me any good since they won’t be around by the time I’m buying them, but still, it’s reassuring to know there are affordable options out there!

Obviously there’s the groom and best man to arrange suits for too and while that is traditionally done by the groom, it will still need to be budgeted in, so I’ll have to find something we can manage.
A couple of minutes perusing suit hire sites was downright scary, I think I’ll have to dedicate more time to finding a way around the cost.


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