Planning – Guests

We have not yet sat down and worked out numbers for our wedding, it’s a task that needs doing – and soon – but will be arduous, so I’ve been putting it off.

The main issue is a slight disagreement over children. I would like to refrain from inviting any children other than those who will be in the bridal party, but my OH wants to include children in every invite we send.
I can see his point, if most of the family is coming, it will be difficult to find babysitters for children, but I’m sure that there are people outside the family who could watch them for the day, it’s not like it’s a regular occurrence!
I just have images of hordes of children running around, screaming, high on sugar and then grumpy and tired when they crash!

Am I selfish? It seems a waste to spend £15-£25 on food for each child and I don’t want to limit my choices for things like candles or food because they might hurt themselves or something!

Asking around, it doesn’t seem like I’m on my own here, many of my friends and family didn’t invite children to their weddings, so people can’t be expecting me to do so……. can they?


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