Planning – Update

I am trying really hard to not post all of my choices on this blog so that when I have my wedding, all my guests will be (hopefully) wowed, but it’s really hard. I’m excited and I want to shout it from the rooftops! So, although there will be pictures and posts after the wedding, I’m going to try and let you in a little without giving the game away completely.

Colour – For me, it has to be purple. Varying shades I would have thought and I have approval of adult bridesmaid dress colour (and style) from both my adult bridesmaids.

Flowers – I still haven’t decided on whether I want fresh or artificial or dried, but I definitely want to look at having a go at flower arranging to see if I am any good.

Venue – Probably should have come first in this list, but since I haven’t come close to picking one, it’s not so important yet. I have a pile of brochures, which have been glanced at to ensure they include a Civil Ceremony and then stored away ready to go through more thoroughly when they have all arrived.
I did, briefly, fall in love with Mirfield Monastery and the idea of being married in a little chapel, but the love soon died when I realised that you don’t get the little stone chapel, you get one of their conference rooms and it suddenly wasn’t worth the money!

Dress – Still no decisions on my dress. I have an appointment with a bridal shop at the end of the week so I can try on some different styles and figure out what suits me (details and probably pictures can be found in my dress blog post after I’ve been)

Table decorations – One of my lovely Bridesmaids gave me a great idea for table decs, but I’m not telling you what it is… sorry!

Obviously that’s not a complete list, just a sample of what I’m thinking and I’ve run very little of this past my dear OH, who is footing the bulk of the cost, so it all may change completely!


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