Planning – Wedding dress 2

2016-07-03 13.56.21
Dress 1



Dress 1 – It was a little big on me, so it’s not as structured as it should be. I like the top half, but not crazy about the skirt, it’s just too busy for me.





2016-07-03 14.09.01
Dress 2



Dress 2 – I really like this one, though my entourage aren’t a fan of the straight neckline. It has beading across the bust, which would irritate the skin under my arms unless it was altered.





2016-07-03 14.21.52
Dress 3


Dress 3 – I’m surprised that I like this one, I’ve always disliked pick ups in skirts when I’ve seen them, but the more I see this dress, the more I like it.





2016-07-03 14.29.43
Dress 4


Dress 4 – Really don’t like this one! It made me feel fat and frumpy despite, or maybe because, it was too big. There was no structure, no shape. I felt like a big girl in a dress instead of a girl in a big dress.





2016-07-03 14.37.13
Dress 5


Dress 5 – This one was far, far too small, 2 sizes too small if I remember rightly, but I like it. It is structured at the top and that skirt hides a million petticoats!





2016-07-03 14.51.13
Dress 6



Dress 6 – Another one where I felt fat and frumpy! But again, it was far too big for me and had to be clipped. The entourage loved it though, so I agreed to try it with a belt to see if it made a difference.





2016-07-03 14.54.35
Dress 6 + Belt



Dress 6 again – It looks so much better with the belt, but the lace and sequins on the top half hurt the underside of my arms and I still don’t like it as much as some of the others.





You may have noticed that I said in my previous post that I tried on 7 dresses and while there are 7 photos here, it’s not 7 different dresses….
It’s simple. Dress 7 (actually the 2nd dress I tried) was so horrible, we didn’t take a picture!
It was a lovely dress, a fit and flair or a mermaid or something tight anyway, it just didn’t suit me and showed every single lump and bump – I have a lot – and while I’m brave enough to post these pictures, I’m not THAT brave!



3 thoughts on “Planning – Wedding dress 2

  1. Thanks for sharing this special time!

    Dresses 2&3 are both good because there isn’t a hard horizontal line cutting the top and skirt in half (if you get what I mean). Makes it flow more nicely. I had a “plus sized” wedding dress (coming up to 10 years ago!) Still felt like a Princess in it!

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful bride to be! Enjoy all the wedding prep.


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