Planning – Wedding dress

So today was the day I tried on dresses. I was a little apprehensive to be honest, I’m a big girl and I was worried I would look ridiculous in a big white dress – Mutton dressed as lamb – and that I would hate the experience, but I’m happy to say I was wrong!

We went to Yorkshire Bridal Shop in Morley (Leeds) and they were fab! Endlessly patient while I tried on 7 dresses of varying styles and shapes and genuinely friendly and happy to help. I highly recommend them if you live in the area!

Our appointment was for an hour, but we arrived early and were seen straight away, which gave us an extra 25 minutes. I was made to feel comfortable, despite spending time standing around in my underwear and no matter how big or small a dress was, there was no judgement!

My entourage were very helpful, picking out dresses that I might like – I took both adult bridesmaids and Frazzled Mother – and I think they picked out my favourite though it was a size or two too small (shame since I loved it and it was only £200!)

Obviously I have photos to share with you, but in the interests of keeping my posts short, I shall start a new one for them.


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