Planning – Photographs

I thought I was being really unique with my idea for wedding photos, but I have just discovered its not as unheard of as I thought.

My plan was to pay a professional to take some posed shots directly after the ceremony, but in the interest of saving money, I’d skip them taking pictures of people getting ready and the service and all the rest of it and just set up something online for my guests to upload their pictures. Its something I’d never heard of anyone else doing and, since a full day photography package is around £1500, it would save me a fortune! I saw it as the modern day equivalent to disposable cameras on the tables and I was very pleased with myself for the idea.

This morning, amongst my Facebook wedding adverts (which is the only kind of adverts I get on FB now) was one for an app called WedPics. You set up an account (for free) and are given an account number to give to your guests who then upload all the pictures they have taken of your special day. You can then print them out or turn them into funky keepsakes. The hidden catch (because of course, there is one) is that you only get them in “upload quality”, whatever that is, and to have them in “high quality” you must upgrade to the paid version, the price of which is nowhere in sight…

I still love the idea of doing it this way, though I doubt if I will use something like this to do it… What’s wrong with good old Dropbox? (Actually I can’t answer that because I haven’t looked into it yet!)


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