Planning – Venues 2

I’ve done it!
I have slogged through the brochures and got them all recorded onto my spreadsheet!
I have narrowed it down from 45 venues to 18 and I have marked off the ones that really stood out to me.

My next tasks are to decide exactly what we want for the day and to convince my OH to write his guest list!

I have to admit, I’m a little torn. My initial thought was to skip the wedding breakfast because I’m not a formal kinda person, but I have seen a couple of places that offer a “wedding tea” which takes place at the same time the breakfast would (Yeah, that confused me too) but instead of a big, silver service, 3 course meal we could have afternoon tea with tea/coffee/champagne and cakes and little sandwiches cut into triangles. I love this idea, it appeals to me greatly, but would it put the venues out of our price range?

Would it be bad to call them and ask for 2 separate quotes? One for a late ceremony and evening do with buffet and one for a more traditional day but with the afternoon tea instead of a wedding breakfast?

Of course I can’t do either until I have a guest list. Excuse me while I go poke at my OH with a sharp stick……


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