Planning – venues 3

I have a guest list! Well, a provisional one anyway, but enough to start sending off for quotes. So that’s what I spent today doing. I emailed 12 venues with a breakdown of what I am looking for and a list of questions about allergy stuff and if they will have Christmas decorations up in November.

I already have a couple of messages containing excited replies – don’t ask me why they are excited, but that’s how they appear – saying “we’ll sit and work it out and get back to you!”
Though one company tried to fob me off with “We don’t know the prices for 2018 yet, so here’s the price for room hire and wine (per bottle), you can guess the rest…”
Thanks Malmasion!!

I did reply, nicely, and pointed out that I was aware that prices changed and if they could quote me for what I’d asked for based on 2016/2017 I would at least have something to compare to everyone else I’d spoken to and gotten a quote from!

Why must they make it so difficult when everyone else is bending over backwards to accommodate my weird ways?
Somehow I don’t think they will make it through the next round of cuts….


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