Spend, spend, spend?

When is it ok to start shopping for your wedding? I mean, there must be a point when you stop just saving and start spending it again, but when is it?

In my case, I’m pretty sure it’s a long time off yet as I have a whopping £10 in my savings account! (We weren’t supposed to start saving until after we’d been on holiday, which we haven’t been on yet…. I’m not just a really crappy saver, honest!) And yet I could happily have handed over money today….. for shoes!

Don’t get me wrong I have (and Frazzled Mother has too) spent a little here and there on samples of flowers and materials and things, but that’s still planning, it doesn’t count!
Shoes are a whole other matter! I’d be wearing that exact pair as I walked down the isle!

It’s crazy!

It’s too early!

And yet……. I still want to.

Part of it is the fact that I have fallen in love with a pair (I’ll add a picture at the bottom) and that they are on sale and another part is that nobody seems to want to talk me out of it. I thought a Facebook post stating that i wanted to buy shoes 2 years before our PROVISIONAL wedding date would be met with mirth and gentle encouragement to let them go, when in fact the opposite happened! The universe wants me to own these shoes!!

I have decided (reluctantly) to wait. If I truly love them, then I will still love them in a couple of weeks when I can go find a pair and try them on and see if I can walk in them. (This is a very important test since a broken foot at the beginning of the year has made heels kinda painful and a dodgy knee makes heels kinda wobbly!)
If I still love them after that…… well, we’ll see…

Maybe I’ll have my shoes soon

Irregular Choice purple palm cove

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