Is the honeymoon period over already?

I knew that I couldn’t focus on wedding stuff constantly from “Yes” to “I do”, but I didn’t think it would die off so quickly either!

I blame the holiday!
I had to get my head out of wedding mode so that I could focus on my holiday and not leave out anything vital when I packed…. like a child… and I promised myself I would crack back on with it when we got home. That didn’t happen. In fact, I’m sitting here, struggling to even write this post! (although I see it as a step forward that I actually remembered to charge the laptop and turn it on to even have a go)

Returning from holiday was supposed to signal the beginning of “real wedding planning”. Saving up, choosing the venue, sending out invitations instead of just talking about it all, but I let in the real world and my fairy tale wedding seems like a distant dream.

I just need a good kick in the behind. I’m sure Frazzled Mother will help me out with that, but if not, feel free to come round……


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