Venues – Final 13 (part 3)

My venue choices were narrowed down a while ago to “The Final 13” and I sent each one a quote request and a couple of questions in the hopes of narrowing them down further into a list of places to go and visit with Frazzled Groom.

Each of the venues were asked the following:

  1. Price of ceremony and evening reception
  2. Price of above plus afternoon tea
  3. Would they be able to rewash any fabrics with something I provided due to allergy (napkins, chair covers, table cloths, bedding, towels)
  4. Would they have their Christmas decorations up (November wedding)
  5. What facilities do they have for music during the ceremony
  6. How far is the venue from my house (I didn’t ask them this ofc, but it’s important in my deliberations)

Bradford Hotel –

Price 1: **** 4/5
Price 2: ***   3/5
Washing: No (deal breaker)
Decorations: Yes
Music: Bring own CD player (seriously?!)
Distance: 15 miles

Marriott Hotel –

Price 1: *** 3/5
Price 2: No answer
Washing: Linen yes, chair covers uncertain
Decorations: “Probably”
Music: CD player
Distance: 5 miles

Thorpe Park Hotel –

Price 1: ** 2/5 (but this price includes extras/invite postage/table decs)
Price 2:      0/5
Washing: No answer
Decorations: Yes
Music: CD player or docking station
Distance: 3 miles

York House Hotel –!weddings/o2huu

Price 1: **** 4/5
Price 2: ***   3/5
Washing: Yes, no problem at all
Decorations: No, but can be put up early
Music: Docking station
Distance: 14 miles

This brings our venue total to 9, which is still too many so I will go through them again and cast away those which are too expensive. I’m hoping to end up with 4 or 5 for Frazzled Groom and I to go look at.


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