Venues- The Final 13 (part 1)

My venue choices were narrowed down a while ago to “The Final 13” and I sent each one a quote request and a couple of questions in the hopes of narrowing them down further into a list of places to go and visit with Frazzled Groom.

Each of the venues were asked the following:

  1. Price of ceremony and evening reception
  2. Price of above plus afternoon tea
  3. Would they be able to rewash any fabrics with something I provided due to allergy (napkins, chair covers, table cloths, bedding, towels)
  4. Would they have their Christmas decorations up (November wedding)
  5. What facilities do they have for music during the ceremony
  6. How far is the venue from my house (I didn’t ask them this ofc, but it’s important in my deliberations)

The Old Golf House Hotel –

Price 1: ***** 5/5
Price 2: ****  4/5
Washing: No answer
Decorations: Yes
Music: CD player
Distance: 29 miles

The Met Hotel –


Malmasion –

Price 1: **  2/5
Price 2: *    1/5
Washing: No answer
Decorations: No answer
Music: No answer
Distance: 5 miles

South Milford Hotel –

Price 1: **** 4/5
Price 2: **      2/5
Washing: Invited to discuss possible options
Decorations: Yes, in lounge and bar areas
Music: Please provide USB stick with list of songs
Distance: 15 miles

Queens Hotel –

Price 1: ?
Price 2: 0/5
Washing: No (deal breaker)
Decorations: No answer
Music: CD player
Distance: 4 miles


3 thoughts on “Venues- The Final 13 (part 1)

  1. This is great, I love how brutal you are being with your decisions. The customer service is just as much a part of the venue as the building itself! They need to prove themselves at this stage for sure. Your post reminded me of the rating system me and my fiancé used in order to elimate venue which weren’t worth viewing… Take a look if you like: The Long and the Short of it. – West Bride Story

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