Wedding Entertainment

As there could be a gap of hours between saying “I do” and the evening reception, it has become common place to entertain your guests with fancy (and often expensive) gimmicks. A glass of bubbly, some delightful canapes and witty conversation are no longer enough to keep everyone occupied.

A popular option at the moment is the photo booth, be it a real, walk in booth that takes amusing pictures of your guests or just a selection of props and a cardboard frame to pose with. Your wedding pictures will suddenly include fake moustaches, Xbox achievement notifications and giant novelty sun glasses. It looks like a lot of fun, but I dislike it purely because everyone is doing it.
Examples can be found here –

Turning your wedding into a trip to Vegas is another option. You can hire roulette and blackjack tables, complete with croupiers so your guests can gamble the night away (or at least 3 hours of it) while you wait for your reception room to be ready.
Ok, so gamble might be a bit of a stretch since they don’t actually have gambling licences! In reality, they give you “Fun money” which you exchange for chips at the tables and those who win big are awarded a prize (which you have to provide).
Examples can be found here –

One of the more “out there” suggestions I have seen for entertainment (and he can be booked instead of a DJ/band as well as to fill the gap) is to book a Hypnotist.
It’s not something that I have ever seen (or heard of) being booked for a wedding, but his website reads “From tropical holidays to VIP film premieres, see your friends become the stars of the show as they meet the Chinese stand up comedian or be amazed as a giant voodoo doll teaches the guests to dance.”
An example can be found here –

Of course there are a thousand different ideas floating around out there with every possible angle covered to keep you and your guests amused for a few hours. Investigate the possibilities and find the one that’s you!


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