Planning – Band or DJ?

What do you see when you picture your wedding? Are you and your other half called to your first dance by a lead singer or by a Disc Jockey?  Are you swaying gently to the original version of your song or to a good cover? Can the band even play your song? Does the DJ own it?

So many questions! How do you know which is the right choice for you?
It’s actually really easy. You just know!

There are a million results on Google which break it all down for you. The pros and cons of each option, things to remember when deciding (like is there space for a band at your venue?) and even a sneaky 3rd option, which involves an mp3 player and your own play list, but it just complicates what is essentially a gut decision.

Ignore what other people do or what they suggest, just think about how it looks in your head (and how your other half sees it too I suppose) because no matter what, nothing will compare to that. If you want Michael Buble himself to sing “Everything” while you have your first dance, then a cover, no matter how good, is never gonna cut it!

Whichever way you go, make sure you go and see them play/work, (though not by crashing another wedding because if they let you do that, they may let someone else do that to your wedding) or at least see a video of them in action, because music makes or breaks a wedding reception and following your gut can only take you so far.


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