Your Ceremony Your Way?

While at the Wedding Fayre I was introduced to a lovely lady called Christine who conducts something called “Independent Civil Celebrant Services”.
Basically this means she will conduct wedding ceremonies for couples of any sexual orientation, race, religion, faith or culture, anywhere and at anytime and in any way you can think of!

Some of the suggestions were:

  • Tying the Knot
  • Lighting a Unity Candle
  • A Sand Pouring Ceremony
  • A Wine Pouring Ceremony

As far as I can see, the knot tying is self explanatory and the other 3 are pretty much the same thing. A representative from each family provides a lit taper/bottle of wine/vial of sand and the bride and groom light a large candle/mix the sand or wine. (Each option has a hefty price attached to it)


I’m sure the list of possibilities for this is only limited by your imagination and you can just have a standard ceremony if you prefer, but it’s only something you should consider if you either can’t marry your other half legally or if it’s something you really believe in as it isn’t legally binding. The website clearly states “You are required by law to say the Declaratory and Contracting words in front of a Registrar for your marriage to be considered legal. You must arrange this with your local Registry Office”.


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