A change of heart?

Since the question was popped, I’ve been focused on a specific kind of wedding, keeping the costs down by arranging everything in the same place. Ceremony, food, reception, room dressing, bedroom….. and it never occurred to me that there was another way.
Even when a couple of people mentioned that they went to the registry office and then threw a big party in the pub, I didn’t waiver in my belief that a hotel wedding was the way forward.

And then I went to a vintage wedding fayre at The Merchant Adventurers Hall in York.

Mind blown! If you have never been, here’s what you’re missing….


The price tag on getting married in a place like this is £1500 – room hire only. You have to add catering, alcohol, room dressing and well, everything else and while that makes it totally outta my budget, it got me thinking.

Is a hotel wedding right for us? Do they have enough atmosphere, enough presence? Maybe somewhere with a little more rustic charm is needed.
Could a church wedding be more me? Some little stone chapel that reminds me of my childhood church, not for the religious aspect, but for the atmosphere, the feeling.

The only way to find out is to go visiting. We have an appointment next week to visit my favourite of the hotels on the list, a small Victorian place and if I don’t fall head over heels for it, an appointment to see our local vicar will be the next step.


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