The Planner



At the beginning of my planning, Frazzled Bridesmaid gave me a book to keep all my planning stuff in. It’s great, it covers everything!
It opens with a checklist – 12 months down to 1 week to go, has a pull out section on which you can keep track of each guest invite/reply/dietary requirements/gift/thank you card and then has sections for notes on step by step planning, styling and stationery, venue and catering, the bride to be and suppliers and contacts. It even has little envelopes and folders to keep sample in.
It’s the perfect, all round wedding planner!

I can see myself taking it to possible venues or cake tasting appointments, samples, swatches and business cards busting out of the sides. I imagine it being my go-to for all things wedding related……

Now, here’s the downside….. I’m afraid to use it!

It’s so pristine and pretty that I don’t want to write anything in it that I might have to cross out. I don’t want to soil it’s perfection with mere possibilities!

I need to get a grip!


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