Venue – York House Hotel

I chose York House Hotel as our first visit because, of all the hotels on our list, it had the most character and I hoped that by going to see it, we would be able to answer the question of whether we wanted a hotel or a church wedding.
Here’s how it went:


Our appointment time was 12 pm, but at 11.30 am, I received an email asking if we could postpone due to a meeting taking up one of the rooms we would want to see. As we had travelled there by train, we were already there and couldn’t really postpone so Layla (Wedding and Events Manager) set us up in the restaurant with complimentary afternoon tea for 2. This consisted of a selection of triangle sandwiches, bite-sized cheesecake and tiramisu, 2 pieces of Victoria Sponge Cake and a pot of strawberries and raspberries with clotted cream, served with coffee (or tea) and a glass of orange juice for Little Man.

The hotel is a beautiful building, thought to have been built in the late 1760s and still has many of its original features, including the (none working) fireplaces and the decorative mahogany door frames but despite the tall, narrow staircases and the warren like corridors, it still has a modern feel thanks to the decor.

Our wedding would be spread over 3 rooms and 2 floors with a small room downstairs for the ceremony, a larger room upstairs for the DJ and tables and a private bar room where they would expect to put the buffet table. I found this to be a little odd for a hotel, but then again, the fact it wasn’t a “typical” hotel was what drew me there in the first place.

The visit itself felt very rushed, probably because of the delay, but it gave the impression that we weren’t particularly valued, which managed to spoil the whole thing. After spending so much time in “talks” with them via email, I felt very rejected after the visit and couldn’t help but wonder if they expected me to be more upmarket because I know how to correspond.


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