How far is too far?

When looking for a wedding venue, how far is too far for your guests?

I’m not talking about when you leave the country and have to decide how many of your family your going to pay to fly out, I’m talking about picking a city to get married in.

Now, my family is mostly in York and Frazzled Grooms family is mostly in Leeds (Frazzled Groom and I are Leeds too) so I consider either of these cities to be fair game, but what about further afield?
I spotted an amazing venue in Huddersfield, with an equally amazing price tag, but discounted it because it was 30 miles from my house and 47 from York city centre and I thought it unfair to ask people to travel that far, especially the ones who don’t drive. Since discounting it though, I have mentioned it to a couple of people who don’t seem to think it’s too far to travel for a wedding at all.

How is this possible? The way I see it, if I send you an invite, it’s because I want you to come and celebrate with me and I’m going to make this as easy for you as I can. Or am I looking at this wrong? Should I be of the opinion that if you want to come, you’ll make the effort? If you love me, you’ll be there?
I’m not sure I want to find out…. It could be a very lonely wedding….



One thought on “How far is too far?

  1. I agree that travel should be considered for guests and you should rule out places which are ridiculously far away. But around 50 miles… you’re only talking an hour or so drive! If they don’t drive then these are big towns, maybe there are train stations? If the place is far enough away from your guest’s home for them to have to stay overnight somewhere.. then they will only thank you at the end of the night. I would rather my guests stayed so they can fully relax. Obviously, I understand that there are many circumstances in which it isn’t this easy – but it’s worth considering!


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