The 2 year curse

I have discovered a problem with giving ourselves 2 years to plan (and save for) this wedding, I’m calling it the 2 year curse.
Basically it means that people don’t take you seriously and don’t want to waste too much time talking to you when they could be dealing with “real” customers!

I have experienced this several times, but it took me a while to realise it was a real thing. First it was with dresses. “When’s your wedding? Oh it’s too soon, come back in a year”.
Then it was venues. “I’m sorry, we can’t quote you for that date… we might not even OWN the building then!”!
And then it was everyone. Even our local church won’t take a booking before 12 months in advance!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the mentality, they want to spend the time on the people who will be spending money with them soon, but I’m trying to plan a wedding too and knowing if something is likely to cost me £10 or £1000 is kinda important as I budget and save and if they talk to me, I’m more likely to go back to them when it’s time to book!

No matter! I finally have an idea of what I want and it should make it easier to find venues and stuff closer to the date and in the meantime, I can look at and play with flowers and invites and see what I think looks good.


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