St James’



This is St James’, our local parish church. This is the building Frazzled Groom and I have chosen to get married in.
I was sceptical that we would be allowed to as Frazzled Groom has no official religion, but it turns out that they aren’t as strict about stuff like that as they used to be, they genuinely seem to just be happy that we have chosen to celebrate with them.

Personally, I’m ecstatic! I love this little church, it has history and charm and is as far from those vanilla weddings as you can get!

Price wise, it’s not as bad as I expected either. You pay a flat fee to The Church for the wedding and then there are little optional extras like the bells, the choir and the heating (November wedding, I think we’ll be having the heating) so you can be as reserved or as lavish as you want and the money for these goes to the individual church.

I didn’t get any photos to show you inside as they have had a bit of water damage recently, but repairs are in hand and it’s gonna look fab by the time we get there. Currently it’s white walls, high ceilings and original wooden pews!

If you would like to know more about the history of St James’, here’s the link:


The planner upgrade

My planner has been a lifesaver and I cant recommend it enough to those of you planning a wedding, but I’ve been forced to upgrade. The sections in the book were designed for typical weddings, the kind most people have – which makes sense since they want to sell many of them, but isn’t enough for those of us who are going out of our way to plan something a little different.

So now I have a folder (probably the first of many) which I have started to move my plans into. So far all it has in it is budgeting, but I’ve been able to split the budgeting down into categories making it much more extensive.

The folder is split into 10 sections (so far)
Church – Receipts and booking forms for the church, hymn selection and such
Reception – Receipts and booking forms for the reception, communications
Catering/Drinks – menus, corkage quotes, receipts for food or drink
Bride – Details of and receipts for dress, accessories, hair and makeup, shoes and so on
Bridesmaids – Similar to bride. Details or ideas on gifts
Groom/Groomsmen – Details or ideas on gifts. Suit hire/purchase ideas and receipts
Flowers – Ideas and/or receipts for bouquets, buttonholes, reception and church flowers
Decoration – Details, ideas or receipts for any decorations other than flowers
Stationery – Favour box samples, invite samples, Order of service etc 
Other – Details/receipts for rings, car hire, accommodation, photographers, song list for DJ and a to do list

Having my own folder means I don’t have to worry about where to keep things that don’t fit in the book and  all the stuff that’s trapped in my head can finally be pinned down and added to the rest of the wedding stuff.
This is great news to Frazzled Groom and the rest of the Frazzled Wedding Party because they can just flick through and see what I’ve been seeing in my head, but unable to get out for months! I might go print off some of the pictures I have on pinterest to put in!


*Disclaimer: The term “great news” may not truly represent Frazzled Grooms feelings on the matter of a wedding folder*

I’m booked

Frazzled Groom has been very kind and let me pick our venues. I don’t think the where matters too much to him, as long as it’s somewhere and I’m happy.  Because of this, our local church is getting our custom.

I don’t consider myself particularly religious, although I am baptised and confirmed in good old C of E, but churches have character, history and they remind me of time spent in them as a child. I feel kind of at home there, even though it’s not the same church, or even the same city as the one from childhood.

Last week I officially booked them for next November. Then I booked and paid our Photographer and, since I was on a roll, I went and booked the reception, food and entertainment (I went for a DJ, for reasons I’ll explain later).

The reception is a local pub/restaurant with a large function room, not too far from the church. Somewhere the local guests should know, the not so local guests have been to before and really easy to find for anyone who isn’t familiar with it. It also has history and character and the staff were slightly amused, but totally fabulous with all of my ideas and requests. I paid a deposit there and then!

I’m sure each location will get a post of it’s own, with pictures and more details, but I just wanted to fill you in on where I’ve gotten to.

Where have You been?!

The thing about wedding planning is that at the beginning, it consumes you. You have all these dreams, hopes and ideas…… It’s fun, all the what ifs, all the possibilities….

And then you hit the real world again. You stop planning A wedding and start thinking about what you want for YOUR wedding. There’s a subtle difference between those two, I’m not even sure I can explain what it is, but it’s there I promise.

You have to start making decisions on things instead of just pointing out what you like. Can you afford it? Is it available where you are?  Will it fit in with the rest of the things you have chosen? Is there something better out there?

It’s hard! Especially for someone as indecisive as I usually am, but I am slowly working my way through it all and I am (finally) ready to start sharing it all with you again.

Excited? I am!


Please excuse me as I try and relearn the routine of regular posts, I’m doing my best 🙂

How far is too far?

When looking for a wedding venue, how far is too far for your guests?

I’m not talking about when you leave the country and have to decide how many of your family your going to pay to fly out, I’m talking about picking a city to get married in.

Now, my family is mostly in York and Frazzled Grooms family is mostly in Leeds (Frazzled Groom and I are Leeds too) so I consider either of these cities to be fair game, but what about further afield?
I spotted an amazing venue in Huddersfield, with an equally amazing price tag, but discounted it because it was 30 miles from my house and 47 from York city centre and I thought it unfair to ask people to travel that far, especially the ones who don’t drive. Since discounting it though, I have mentioned it to a couple of people who don’t seem to think it’s too far to travel for a wedding at all.

How is this possible? The way I see it, if I send you an invite, it’s because I want you to come and celebrate with me and I’m going to make this as easy for you as I can. Or am I looking at this wrong? Should I be of the opinion that if you want to come, you’ll make the effort? If you love me, you’ll be there?
I’m not sure I want to find out…. It could be a very lonely wedding….


The 2 year curse

I have discovered a problem with giving ourselves 2 years to plan (and save for) this wedding, I’m calling it the 2 year curse.
Basically it means that people don’t take you seriously and don’t want to waste too much time talking to you when they could be dealing with “real” customers!

I have experienced this several times, but it took me a while to realise it was a real thing. First it was with dresses. “When’s your wedding? Oh it’s too soon, come back in a year”.
Then it was venues. “I’m sorry, we can’t quote you for that date… we might not even OWN the building then!”!
And then it was everyone. Even our local church won’t take a booking before 12 months in advance!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the mentality, they want to spend the time on the people who will be spending money with them soon, but I’m trying to plan a wedding too and knowing if something is likely to cost me £10 or £1000 is kinda important as I budget and save and if they talk to me, I’m more likely to go back to them when it’s time to book!

No matter! I finally have an idea of what I want and it should make it easier to find venues and stuff closer to the date and in the meantime, I can look at and play with flowers and invites and see what I think looks good.

Changing your mind

Christmas is over and it’s time to throw myself into wedding planning again, I still have a lot to do and I’ve decided that all the things I had already picked were silly and no good, so I’m starting again!

My original plans were to get married in a hotel and keep everything in the same place, but prices and their inability to deal with my allergy – not to mention their blandness – has got me looking elsewhere. I have found the perfect place now, though I cant book it (more on that later)

I was also wanting a lavender theme, the colour and the flower, but that proved to be expensive and impractical given our November wedding date so I’m looking for seasonal appropriate options instead. This means I need new ideas for the cake, the dresses, the flowers, the invitations…..

So I’m back at the beginning. Starting with a blank slate. Wish me luck!