Thanks to a huge amount of help from Frazzled Bridesmaid, the invitation making has begun. I’m afraid you’re not getting any pictures until they are finished and sent out to avoid spoiling the surprise, but don’t worry, you can see them after!

I went for a nice simple design but it still took 2 of us 2 1/2 hours to do the front of 43 of them (and 4 flower girl/pageboy requests) with a little help (hindering) from Frazzled Toddler and Frazzled Pooch.

Next steps are to double check the glue in a few days to make sure they are still stuck in all the right places, then to find a suitable template for the actual invite details so I can mass print them (with relevant names) and then we can go back to the good old glue stick and get them finished.
There are also some inserts that need printing and shaping for the R.S.V.P and one asking for song requests….. not sure how I’m wording that last one yet…. something about “their song” for couples or just a wedding appropriate song.
And somewhere in amongst all that, I need to remind people that it is a child free invitation, unless they are a member of the bridal party/Groomsman.

Wow, I felt a great sense of achievement after getting the fronts done and now I’m back to realising there is a lot left to do!

Oh well, we are on our way!


It’s Decided!

I can’t bring myself to move the wedding, no matter how many good reasons there are to do so. I want to get married! I’d do it tomorrow if I could!

So to prevent further rumination, I paid some of the balance off on the church today. It felt good to be doing something!

I also braved the cold, cold snow to visit the church to check the lighting for photography purposes because, although I originally didn’t want a load of pictures, a friend of mine made me an offer I couldn’t refuse!

Here’s his Facebook page if you’re interested¬† MLPhotographyLeeds

It’s all coming together, slowly!

When bad things happen…

We’ve had some big news as a family recently and as a result, Frazzled Groom and I will have to spend a fair bit of time going to meetings and hospital appointments over the next few months. Life in general is going to need a bit of an overhaul and it’s making me worry about wedding planning.

As I’m planning on doing invites and flowers and stuff myself, am I going to have time to fit it all in? I’m stressed just thinking about it, maybe we should be postponing….

I can see many advantages to postponing the wedding a few months….. more time to save so Frazzled Groom isn’t so stressed about money, more time for me to launch my new business which I was planning on doing this year, a spring wedding would be warmer, more choice in flowers, not so close to Christmas that we basically have to cancel Santa……
As for disadvantages…. does “I don’t want to” count as a reason?

Realistically the church, reception, car and photographer are booked, but I doubt anyone would have an issue moving it back a bit given enough notice….

It seems like the sensible choice, so why am I not keen on the idea?

Personal post

This might be a little to much of an insight for some of you, make sure you really want to know this much about me before you read on………
I’m going to complain, are you sure you want to read?

Well if you’re sure…….

I’m gonna be a fat bride! I’m a fat person, so it’s hardly surprising, but I stupidly thought that since I had 2 years to plan the wedding, I also had 2 years to lose some weight before being the centre of attention in a room full of my nearest and dearest!
Wanna know a secret? It didn’t work like that!

You see, while you’re busy planning the wedding of a lifetime, life still goes on around you. You still have to eat, you still have to socialise, you still have to live….
The things that made you fat are still there…. you just have added wedding stress steering you in the direction of cakes!
And 2 years? That’s a lie! You have to be the size you want by the time you get measured for your dress or you have THAT to worry about too!

So I now have 3 or 4 months to make a difference if I still want to… yes I know every bride is beautiful and I know that Frazzled Groom will love me no matter what size I am, I even know that my friends and family won’t be judging me (much) as I walk down the aisle….. but I will be!
I want to do it for me. I’m not talking a massive, life altering amount of weight in such a short period of time, but I’m a big girl and I’d like to shift enough to make me feel happier about putting myself on display for the day……

Here goes………

Valentines Day

Frazzled Groom and I kept things low key this year,¬† since we’re saving for a wedding, but still managed to exchange cards with personal notes in and small gifts. He worked and I stayed at home and binge watched TV….. not the most romantic Valentines but makes my top 5 none the less. (That will make more sense to those of you who know how long we’ve been together…)

Anyway. Frazzled Groom made a comment about not celebrating it once we’re married (he turned it into a joke status later on) and that got me thinking. How DO married couples celebrate Valentines Day? Is it different? Is it better? Or do the memes have it right and the romance dies once you say “I do”?

I’m fairly sure that we will continue to celebrate in our own, low key kind of way, at least to start, but how long will we keep it up? Does it even matter?

Do we need a day to show we love each other? Or is it good to have the reminder to make an effort?

I suppose time will give me the answers I seek, but until then, what are your thoughts?

All quiet on the wedding front

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks, wedding wise, the tasks completed hardly deserving of a blog post, but I do get grief when I don’t post for a while…. only kidding, love you all really!

I have all the materials to make a test invite – gonna team up with Frazzled Bridesmaid to have a go at that.
I have confirmation from Frazzled Father of the Bride that he’s on the hunt for the perfect waistcoat to wear with his suit (Did I tell you about the waistcoats? No? Well, in short, we’re getting all the groomsmen to pick their own waistcoats. Something that shows off their personality. Vampires, poker and my little pony have all been mentioned……)
I have managed to pin down parents of the Frazzled Little Bridesmaids and Paige Boys to ask if we can have them in the wedding.
I have handed over Hen Do duty to Frazzled Bridesmaid and deposits are starting to come in (yes, yes, I’ll do a post on the Hen Do when I know what’s what!)

I think that’s it. These last couple of weeks have been filled with crazy kid stuff like birthdays. Hopefully I’ll be back at it now it’s settled down again!

It’s a nightmare?

I’m starting to dream about the wedding and I don’t mean day dreams and wishes. I’m talking screwed up, wtf dreams!

I don’t remember them all, but highlights include: Me being tricked into marrying the wrong person, someone spilling gravy on my wedding dress, me frantically trying to keep away from Frazzled Groom so he doesn’t see the dress, us not knowing where to stand or what to do in the church, my dad sitting on a pew instead if walking me down the aisle……

I was warned that this would happen, but I didn’t expect it so soon, it’s 10 months away yet! If I’m having dreams like this now, what will they be like a month before the wedding… a week before… the night before….?

Running away to Vegas is looking pretty good again!